Texcode InspectionAbout inspections

A home inspection is an unbiased assessment of the condition of a house. A thorough and complete inspection provides a home buyer with an expert opinion on the condition of the physical structural and various mechanical systems within a house, which are present and visible at the time of the inspection. The average inspection process generally takes about 3 hours, during which time the inspector conducts a visual inspection that encompasses both the interior and exterior of the home. Items typically included in a home inspection include: foundation, roof, attic, crawlspace, interior and exterior walls, windows and doors, electrical system, plumbing system, heating and air conditioning systems, kitchen and bathrooms.

About the report

Less than 24 hours after the completion of the inspection you will be sent via email, a narrative report that outlines all that was observed during the inspection. This report is in accordance with the TREC (Texas Real Estate Commission) promulgated report (REI 7A-0). This is the only state approved form that can be used for home inspections for clients either buying or selling real estate properties. Since this form is often confusing for home buyers Texcode has made the report easier to understand by organizing our information with a simple to understand key. Here's how the key works:

General repairs - These comments are items you might consider typical repairs or general maintenance issues.

Safety - These comments indicate a direct fire or life safety concern to the structure and/or occupants.

Concern -  These are items that appear to be close to the end their useful life and/or there is a possibility of an unconfirmed failed item.

Failure - These are items that are failing and will possibly require immediate attention.  

Items that do not have a key with bold/underscore are considered to be observations that we feel you should be aware of.