We are often asked for names of qualified contractors. The following is a list of contractors in the Austin area that we believe to be reputable. These companies are on this list because they have a good reputation in the community and because we have received positive feedback about them from our Clients.

If you know any high quality contractors that you would like to recommend, please send us their information for consideration. Recommend a contractor

Appliance Repair
Cornerstone Appliance Repair (512) 535-7836
Mr. Appliance (512) 454-8045

Appraisal services
Croft Appraisal Services, Robbie Croft, (512) 302-0535
Ward Appraisal Services Bob Ward, (512) 452-7305
BAS/Austin Appraisers Dan Birchman, (512) 329-9144

Maverick Construction Michael Hauser, (512) 970-3644

No referral at this time.

Foundation repair
Level Best Johnny Harvey, (512) 832-6161
CenTex Foundation Repair (512) 444-5438
Superior Foundation Repair Brady Barnett (512)-476-7700
Capital Foundation (512) 990-1117

Garage doors & openers
The Overhead Door Company (512) 443-3051
Brown's Garage Doors Michael (Mickey) Brown (512) 801-8620

Binswanger Glass south (512) 472-2421, north (512) 796-5275
Anchor Ventana, (512) 388-9400

Jonesy Group (512) 797-9875 (Scott Jones)
Stan's Heating and Air (512) 929-9393
Trusted Heating and Cooling (512) 284-6277 (James Poole)

Home security
Brinks Home Security (800) 379-9194

Lawn irrigation
Andy's Sprinkler, Drainage and Lighting (512) 836-5100

Dean Caramanidis Landscaping (512) 940-4460
The BioGardener - Jeremy Walther

Cothrons Lock and Safe (512) 472-7844

Southern Painting (512) 267-6200
The Brown Paint Company Kelly Brown, (512) 506-9740

Pest control
Research Pest Control, Michael Gassen, 512-258-5228

Angel Plumbing, (512) 837-0275
Austin Air & Rescue, (512) 328-2000

Pools, maintenance and repairs
Swim Pure Kirk Walker, (512) 266-5798

Rain Gutters
Austin Gutterman (512) 450-1821

WIlson Roofing (512) 263-3157
Concrete roofing consultant, Don Putnam, (512) 445-6608

Septic inspections
Rainbow Septic Jan Wit, (512) 380-9024
Necessary Inc. - Janet Dunkelburg (512) 445-2250

Structural Engineer
Osborne Engineering, Coby Osborne 842-1197
Arnold Investigative Engineering, Marc Arnold (512) 326-1616
Floyd Goodrich 512-719-9094

Tree care
Davey Tree & Shrub Care (512) 451-4986

Texcode, Inc. provides this list as a courtesy to our clients. Although we have listed these contractors for your benefit, it is your duty to qualify each and every one of these referrals. Texcode takes no responsibility for their work or your relationship with them. Texcode is not responsible in any way for the quality or cost of the services of these contractors. TexCode does NOT receive any compensation from anyone on this list for referrals.