frequently asked questions

Q. Should I be present for the home inspection?
A. Yes, you are encouraged to attend the entire inspection. The findings of the inspection are best explained during the inspection process. While on site, you have the opportunity to ask questions, learn important maintenance details and get to know your home.

Q. Do you access roofs and crawl spaces?
A. Yes, in the vast majority of cases. However, if the inspector considers it unsafe to crawl under a house or walk on a roof, the inspection of these items may be limited. Examples of unsafe conditions could be snow or ice on the roof or lightening storms. Water pooling under a house, space constraint or hazardous conditions may limit the inspectors access.

Q. Should my realtor receive a copy of the inspection report?
A. Yes. Your realtor should be assisting you in determining if any items in the report are significant enough to warrant negotiation with the seller.

Q. Are you available to answer questions after I read over the report or move into the home?
A. Absolutely, I want to assist you any way I can in clarifying the information in the report within your option period and even after you've moved into your new home.

Q. Can you do repairs on my house?
A. No, for your protection, all licensed Texas home inspectors are barred by the Texas Real Estate Act in performing any repairs on homes they inspect. We exclusively perform inspections to point out items or systems that need immediate repairs or potentially need to be repaired. Consider the TexCode inspection report kind of a road map for short-term and long-term home maintenance and repairs.

Q. Do I need a WDI report?
A. Not necessarily. Only the VA requires a formal TDA T-4 form for their loan program. I no longer provide a formal report due to the high cost of maintaining that license. However, I have 20 years experiance as a licensed pest, termite, lawn and ornimental TDA professional. During my inspection of your house, I will point out any pest and termite related issues that I discover. At that point, you can seek help from a pest control expert.

Q. Do you use an infrared camera?
A. Yes, I use a Flir C2 IR camera. However, like most technology, there are several important limitations on infrared or IR cameras. In some cases, moisture intrusion, moisture damage, structural defects, pest damage and actual pests can be detected with IR technology. IR works off temperature differences. Therefore, there should be a minimum difference of 18ยบ F on items in the camera frame for an accurate image. In addition, measurement parameters like distance, emissivity and reflective temperature changes need to be constantly adjusted for accurate readings. Although I am well versed at IR technology, I am not currently "certified" simply due to the excess cost for the certification.

Q. Why should I choose TexCode?
A. TexCode has been in business since 1998 and has always strived to lead the industry in technological advancements, customer service, superior knowledge and skil. We have survived the down turns in the economy because of our high referral rates. Our goal is to give you more than you expect. With an approval rate at over 99%, you can choose TexCode with confidence. With TexCode, you know you'll be informed before, during and after the inspection.